Thursday, December 26, 2013

Today is My Christmas

Merry Christmas, again!!

Today will be my Christmas.  In about an hour, we will be making the 3 hour drive to pick up all the kids.  After making the 3 hour drive back (with a stop at Walmart on the way home), we will get to watch them open all their presents here.  As crazy as it might sound coming from me, I am looking forward to it all.  The anticipation during the drive down.  Actually picking up my girls, as I have missed them.  The drive back as they get to tell me all about their time with Daddy.  The stop at Walmart so they can all use their gift cards from Gammy Janie.  The joy as they get to pick out what they want.  The rest of the drive home as their excitement builds.  And all of the crazy excitement of opening the last of their presents.

Today will be crazy.  But, oh, so much fun!

So, Merry Christmas!!


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