Thursday, December 19, 2013

Favorite Ornament

The subject for today's musings is brought to you by The One-Minute Writer.

Today's Writing Prompt: Ornament

What's your favorite holiday ornament or decoration? What makes it so special to you?

This one is a lot harder than one might think.  I love all of my ornaments.  Since they are all in storage this year, I am missing all of them.  There are a few, however, that come to mind.

The first one is a little mouse on a holly leaf.  He has been with my family since my first Christmas.  When I left home, my mom gave him to me to put on my tree.  So, there are 2 of the reasons he's so special.  The last one is that he is a mouse.  My nickname growing up was Mouse.  As you can imagine from that name, I was a quiet and shy person.  There are times I miss that person.

The next is a pair from my twins' first Christmas.  I wanted to start early on getting them their own ornaments every Christmas, but I was on a tight budget.  Finding ones I liked that weren't out of my price range was not easy.  Finally, I found the perfect ones.  I can't remember now where I found them, but I still love them.  They are of the globe variety, but have a picture of each girl on them.  The picture is, in fact, my favorite baby picture of each of them.  The thing that makes them just a little bit different is that you actually connect them to the lights on the tree.  They then glow from within, highlighting the picture that is etched beautifully on the outside.

The final one that comes to mind is my little snow globe ornament.  This one has my favorite Disney character of all time inside of it, Eeyore.  I think that part of my fascination with Eeyore comes from the fact that I've wanted a horse for Christmas since I could actually ask for one.  Most years, I get one.  I've received calenders, books, toys, stuffed animals, and pictures of all kinds of horses.  I even received a candle carved into the likeness of a horse one year.  As an adult, I still love horses.  I've become a little more reasonable in my request for one.  I usually stick with Eeyore, usually a stuffed one.  My favorite Eeyore that I've been given is probably the one that was dipped in vanilla scented candle wax.  That was just cool!

I seemed to have veered a bit off topic with the last ornament, but it's hard to explain why I like that little snow globe so much without telling you about my love of all things Eeyore.

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