Saturday, December 14, 2013

Music & Me

While sitting here listening to my Pandora station and flipping through various websites of Journal Prompts for something to write today, I find myself thinking more and more of the music streaming through my headphones.  I love music.  Very rarely do I find one I just do NOT like.  There are songs I love, songs I like, and songs I don't mind listening to.  If you want proof of this, just listen to my Shuffle station on Pandora.  Usually, if I want to listen to it, I have to use headphones.  Ted finds it jarring as it switches from one genre to the next.

Today's selection started with Counting Stars, by OneRepublic.  Next up was Beyond Time, by Apocalyptica.  Not so different, if you think about it.  Then came Riverdance followed by Mumford & Sons.  Mixed in the songs after was The Dubliners, Lady Gaga, and Shinedown.  As I am typing this, I am listening to Pentatonix, a newly discovered (by me) group.  I can't wait for the day I get to hear Alex Cartwright on Pandora.

I can see why this would be jarring to Ted, as he likes to pick a genre by his mood and stick with it.  While I can listen quite contentedly to his music, he has a hard time listening to mine.  This is not to say he doesn't like the same music that I do, he just can't bounce around like I do.

Our children are perfect examples of how much we both like music.  My twins are always singing.  One even sings in the shower already.  Ted's girls are both in dancing classes, one ballet and the other jazz.  The one in jazz is also taking guitar classes.  I am both dreading and looking forward to the day when my daughters can start taking choir and/or band in school.  I want them to experience the same joy I did with music while growing up.  I am dreading the practicing at home on my migraine days.

To put it simply, I love music.  Always have, always will.

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