Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Pets

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Today's Writing Prompt: Pets

What's the cutest thing you've ever seen you pet do?

I've had quite a number of pets in my life.  I've loved them all.

The first one that comes to mind is Cleo.  My dad came home with a fluffy bundle of puppy excitement.  I was in 1st grade.  Cleo was a collie/german shepherd mix.  We all loved her.  As a puppy, she would fall asleep in her food bowl.  As an adult dog, she would pull our little red wagon around the yard by means of a robe in place of the normal handle.  She would carry soda cans around the yard, usually before chewing all the way through said cans.  She also like to scare the neighborhood cats by carrying them around the yard, usually with their head fully inserted into her mouth.  She is also known for nursing at least one kitten along with her litter of puppies.  She was quite the guard dog.  I remember Mom having to shut her in one of the bedrooms if she needed to scold/spank one of us kids.  Cleo did not like it when we got in trouble.  Sure, we deserved what punishments we got, but she didn't know that.  She had to put down due to tick fever.

Festus was my dog.  My grandma got him from a no kill shelter shortly after my grandpa passed away.  This was also during a time when we lived with Grandma.  He became pretty attached to me.  The summer after 6th grade, we moved about 2 hours away.  Grandma made us come back and get him because he was pining.  I loved that dog and he loved me.  I came home one day to find he had disappeared.  We still don't know for sure what happened to him.

My dad found Sammy at the pound.  We were all missing having a dog.  Sam was the cutest golden retriever/sheltie mix I have ever seen.  He had the golden coat of the retriever, but otherwise was all sheltie.  He loved to jump everything.  He would eat almost anything!  I remember trying to give him radishes once; he had eaten everything else we gave him, why not?  He lived a very long time.  Dad had gotten him when I was 12 or 13.  He stayed with Dad until he had to be put to sleep due to old age.  I was 25 or 26.  My girls got to know him, very briefly.  As you can see, he made a very good pillow.

I've had a number of cats as well.  DC, Callie, Monkey Boy, Houdini, and Killer were all fun cats.  I miss them all.  I have Mama Kitty, Cuddles, and Pandora to keep me entertained now.  Mama Kitty is a bit old and likes to sleep most of the time.  She can be counted on for a good cuddle.  Cuddles, much like her name, loves to cuddle.  Most of the time.  You have to wait for her to come to you.  Trying to pet her when she isn't in the mood can leave you with scratches.  When she has her eyes open, she looks at least half feral.  Wide eyes and watching everything.  Pandora can't be more than 2 years old, I think.  She has been known to lick walls and carry around plastic eggshell halves to play with.  She also likes to nose her way under blankets to snuggle up next to your legs.  You will both be very warm.

I've had a number of wonderful pets.  I find myself a much happier person having at least one.



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