Saturday, December 28, 2013

Church Bells

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FFF: Church Bells

Welcome to the latest installment of Friday Flash Fiction. Enter your short work of fiction (under 1,000 words) based on this prompt by midnight Saturday to be eligible to win! The best entry will be published on the site, along with a short author bio; bringing you fame, fortune and bragging rights. Winners also receive a small prize. Entries may be posted in the comments or emailed to If you post in the comments, please be sure to leave us a way to contact you in case you are our winner. Good luck! In many towns, Church Bells are a focal point. They ring loudly for all to hear at designated times throughout the day or play a pretty song on the hour. Write today's Friday Fiction with church bells as your focal point. Have Fun!
Church Bells

She could hear the church bells ringing across her little town. She ignored them. She already knew what they were for and didn't want to face it.

“How could you leave me?” she cried.

It should never have ended like this. Yesterday, everything was perfect. They were just starting their life together. Today, it was all gone.

Yesterday, it was all the beauty. The white dress. The flowers, cake, music, love. Now, that was all just a memory. Less than that, as she no longer had the man who shared those memories with her.

And it was her fault.

If she had never decided she HAD to have a soda, he never would have felt he HAD to get it. If she hadn't sent that message telling him how much she loved him, he never would have been reading it. He would have gotten out of the way of drunk driver.

And now he would never know what had caused the insane craving.

She cried again. “Why?”


And then my brain froze.  :(



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